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Salute Your Skorts

Pod of the 90s

Chloe CondonChloe CondonHost
Sarah GuthalsSarah GuthalsHost

Welcome to the entertainment pod of the 90s, where two women in their 30s wade through nostalgia while re-visiting movies, TV shows, and all forms of entertainment that crafted their childhood. Join us as we look at these masterpieces through the lens of being:
- Women in Tech
- An Actor
- A Parent
- A Child of Entertainment Industry Parents
- Millennials
- Livestreamers
- Wannabe Talkshow Hosts
- Fan Girls
- Adults Who Like Disney But Aren’t Disney Adults
- People Who Struggle With Focusing
- A Trained Spy

Air Bud Featuring Julie Hubschman
August 21, 2022x
01:24:1978.04 MB

Air Bud Featuring Julie Hubschman

It's time to dive into the competitive world of dog sports with the Michael Jordan of the animal world: Air Bud. Julie Hubschman joins us for a deep dive on dead dads, alcoholic clowns, pudding cups, and Sarah reads a special message from the Harlem Globe Trotters to the NBA. On this episode, we co...

Rugrats Featuring Brandon Minnick
August 12, 2022x
01:25:2379.02 MB

Rugrats Featuring Brandon Minnick

WE'RE BACK, BABYYYYY! After a brief hiatus Sarah & Chloe are BACK! We discuss where we've been, and what's coming up in the Skortsiverse soon. In this episode, we welcome Brandon Minnick to the pod! You may recognize him from 8-Bits with Chloe + former guest Pj Metz (a video/podcast about the...

Salute Your Skorts Presents: 90's Fast Food Toys
April 28, 2022x
01:05:2560.55 MB

Salute Your Skorts Presents: 90's Fast Food Toys

This episode is a sneak peak into our Patreon content, which you can find at . To watch the video portion of this episode, head over to the Patreon and you can watch it before helping us with a monthly subscription. We post Patreon content in video+audio format on oppos...

Teen Witch Featuring Christina Warren
April 14, 2022x
01:15:2469.79 MB

Teen Witch Featuring Christina Warren

In this episode, we have the wonderful Christina Warren as our guest as we dive into the '89ButAlwaysPlayedOnDisneyThroughoutThe90sSoItStillCountsAs90s film Teen Witch.  We talk Blake Lively, Chloe's Zelda Rubinstein stories, and so much more on this week's episode of Salute Your Skorts! Y...

Camp Nowhere Featuring Jill Wohlner
March 28, 2022x
01:26:0479.66 MB

Camp Nowhere Featuring Jill Wohlner

Hey Paddies!!! Welcome to Camp Nowhere, where we each get to have the BEST summer while our parents think we're at Drama Camp, Computer Camp, and "Horrible 90s Trope Camp Where Kids Who Are Not Even Overweight Go To Lose Weight". Join Sarah, Chloe, and their guest Jill Wohlner on this Christopher...