About The Show

Welcome to Salute Your Skorts: Pod of the 90s, where two women in their 30s wade through nostalgia while re-visiting movies, TV shows, and all forms of entertainment that crafted their childhood. Join us as we look at these masterpieces through the lens of being:

  • Women in Tech
  • An Actor
  • A Parent
  • A Child of Entertainment Industry Parents
  • Millennials
  • Livestreamers
  • Chronic Pain and Frequent Insomnia
  • Fan Girls
  • Adults Who Like Disney But Aren’t Disney Adults
  • People Who Struggle With Focusing
  • Trained Spies

So, get your pogs out, grab some Fun-Dip, and set your AOL instant messenger away message- it’s time to get nostalgic and Salute Your Skorts.

Our Hosts

Chloe and Sarah discovered in 2020 that they lived parallel childhood; from shared favorite movies to identical pictures of them wearing the same Aladdin shirt at age 6. With this discovery, there was nothing else to do but start a 90s podcast, so...here it is!

Picture of a young Chloe wearing a Lion King dress looking at the camera with a "what do you want" face

Chloe Condon

Chloe is a podcast host, developer advocate, actress, proud mother of a skeleton, streamer, dreamer, and meme-er.

Picture of a young Sarah standing in a floral dress in front of her house holding a Lion King backpack and smiling at the camera.

Sarah Guthals

Sarah is a podcast host, parent to a child+3 dogs+2 cats, educator, programmer, maker, and whatever else her brain can think up in a day.